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 Financial Advisor v2.7.1

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PostSubject: Financial Advisor v2.7.1   Financial Advisor v2.7.1 I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 08, 2010 3:57 pm


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Quote :
Financial Advisor v2.7.1 | 5.5 MB

Financial Advisor - personal financial tools and calculators.

* Analyze your mortgage
* Plan for your retirement
* Investment and Savings calculations
* Plan for your children's education
* Future Value calculations
* Annuity calculations
* Residual Value calculations
* Practical advice on how to retire rich
* Interest rate conversions & calculations
* Analyze the effects of inflation on your savings and investments
* Various other tools and calculations

Calculate and analyze you Mortgage
* Learn how you can pay off your mortgage earlier and save a fortune in interest by making additional payments. * Specify how much extra you can afford to pay and calculate how this will affect your mortgage. * View the additional payments necessary to pay off your mortgage for various different periods. * View detailed reports of your mortgage payments over time * Use the "What If" calculator to calculate either your mortgage payment, interest rate, mortgage period or mortgage amount.
Plan for your retirement

* Find out how much you will need to save for retirement based on your requirements. * Enter your current savings plan to see whether it will meet your needs. * If your savings plan falls short then find out how much more you will need to save. * Plan for your monthly expenses after retirement as well as other expenses such as holidays and new cars.
Investment and Savings calculations:

* Enter your savings, interest rate and the investment period and calculate how much your savings will be worth over time. * Take inflation into account allowing you to see the value of your savings in today's value. * Enter the amount you can afford to save, the interest rate and your savings target and and calculate the period required to reach your saving OR enter the period and calculate the interest rate you will need to achieve your goals. * Eight different savings and compounding periods (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, etc)
Future value calculations

* Specify a future value that you require, when you require it, the interest rate and an initial saving. Now you can calculate how much you will need to save to reach your goals.
Annuity calculations

* The annuity calculator allows you to calculate the monthly annuity you can receive given a specified lump sum investment, investment return and period. You can also request a lump sum balance at the end of the annuity period. * Perform "What if" calculations. This means that you can choose to calculate the lump sum required, the annuity period or the annuity payment you will receive. * View a detailed schedule of your annuity over time.
Plan for your children's education

* Plan for the cost of your childrens education by calculating how much you will need to save. * Just enter the number of years until education starts, the years of education and the cost of education in todays value. Now you can calcuate how much you will need to start saving today.

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Financial Advisor v2.7.1
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